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How can I care for my carpet?

A well-cared for carpet will last you many years. As with so many things, the care and attention you give your purchase will be reflected in its appearance and performance. Following some simple guidelines will help care for your carpet and prolong its life.

Most rooms benefit from a thorough vacuuming on a weekly basis. In high traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs a twice-weekly thorough vacuum will work wonders. Not only will this help prevent dirt from lodging in your carpet, it’ll also care for the pile of your carpet and help keep it looking beautiful. Different homes have different needs, and after some time, your carpet will benefit from a professional clean to keep it looking at its best. We recommend leaving this to the professionals; visit the National Carpet Cleaners Association Website for details of your local professional carpet cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is the best tool for keeping your carpets looking beautiful. You may also find a lightweight carpet sweeper useful – they’re great for a quick daily clean-up, especially if you have small children or animals. We recommend upright vacuum cleaners, with nozzles for getting into hard-to-reach spaces and against skirting boards and furniture. You’ll get better results with a rotating brush attachment on cut pile carpets. Shag and looped pile carpets, should only ever be cleaned with a suction-only setting. If you have a shag pile carpet, then a carpet rake will to help prevent matting if used on a weekly basis.

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